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Sunday (01-31-10) Master Post
heinlein quote
tresa_cho wrote in helped_haiti
The masses have spoken, and you'd all enjoy NOT to have your flists spammed with a million and one amazing posts with offers. So, here is your Master Post for today.

Here are some guidelines to help us organize the posts.


Original Fiction


Artsy Things

Misc Trinkets

This template is for items such as City in a Box, or something that doesn't translate well to internet format. You can take a picture of yourself (if you're comfortable) with the gift, or you can take a picture of the gift when you've received it. Or, you can link us to your squee post when you've received it :D


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Title: Monsieur Vol du Furet

Author: Waldo.
Winning Bidder: Misura
Rating/warnings: G

Fandom/length: White Collar/ <1000 words

Author Notes: Misura wanted to see Peter and Neal... and a ferret.

Monsieur Vol du Furet

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Title: Always Keep Your Bowler On

Author: diana_hawthorne/stsgirlie
Winning Bidder: lydiabell.
Rating/warnings: T

Fandom/length: 1052 words

Author Notes: lydiabell wanted Steed/Mrs. Peel romance or UST.

Always Keep Your Bowler On

quick question...is there a template for podfics?

There can be. I'm a bit unsure what would be a good format for a template. Suggestions?

um, well sgapodfic uses

but it might be kinda long, idk.

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Title: A Hint of Anise

Author: dragonbat2006
Winning Bidder: trialia
Rating/warnings: PG
Fandom/length: Tamora Pierce--Will of the Empress, 749 words

Author Notes: Thanks to anthraciteowl, huffy_n_dk and her brother, and DevLeigh for the beta!

H/C, Friendship, Slash if you squint (Lark/Rosethorn)

A Hint of Anise

Transformers - Gemstone jewelry

Title: Optimus Prime Jewelry set

Artist: kookaburra1701
Winning Bidder: melisus
Rating/warnings: Shiny!
Fandom: Transformers

Media: .925 sterling silver, steel hex nuts, sponge coral, bamboo coral, lapis lazuli, hematite

Artist Notes: This was a fun and challenging set of jewelry to design! Poor G1 Optimus Prime is very, well, primary, and so it was a challenge to design something that was a homage to him, and yet also wearable. :)


More detailed pictures here.

Edited at 2010-02-01 03:30 am (UTC)


Author: miya_morana
Winning Bidder: kijikun
Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash.

Fandom/length: Supernatural, 3000 words

Author Notes: Spoilers for 5.08 Changing Channel. kijikun wanted a binding/marking Gabriel/Sam fic involving a feather. Thanks to denazia for the beta!

Light as a Feather

Title: and the water rolls down the drain

Author: vega_ofthe_lyre
Winning Bidder: izzyfics
Rating/warnings: Threesome fic [Kirk/McCoy/Chapel], rated PG
Fandom/length: Star Trek XI, ~1670 words


Title: In Search of a Word

Author: John Blonde filenotch
Winning Bidder: unflexible
Rating/warnings: PG, nothing to warn.

Fandom/length: Star Trek Reboot / 4,200

Author Notes: She asked for Spock/Uhura, with a splash of Kirk. It turned intoThis is my take on how Spock and Uhura may have started. Many thanks to tesserae_ for the lightening beta.

In Search of a Word

Artist: riorhapsody/famineghost
Winning Bidder: f_lexi_ble
Fandom(s): Bandom

No. of icons: 20 plus 2 larger graphics

Everything here

Video title: Should I Stay
Artist: Gabrielle
Winning bidder: lozenger8
Artist notes: Streaming and xvid, 55mb zipped. Gene/Sam (slash) vid. Clips used up to S02E08. Beta'd by thedrumsarereal

Here at brokencaps

Title: Inclement Weather
Author: froda_baggins
Winning Bidder: recumbentgoat
Rating/warnings: G, none.
Fandom/length: Star Trek XI, 1,114 words.

Author Notes: recumbentgoat asked for "something unusual like Sarek going to a lamaze class". This was the result. More like Amanda-centric gen, set during her pregnancy.

Found here.

Title: Letter of the Law

Author: latentfunction
Winning Bidder: loverstar
Rating/warnings: R; self-harm, although not through cutting; consentual sibling incest; spoilers for Supernatural through 510.

Fandom/length: Supernatural; 8000 words.

Author Notes: [with the fic itself]

Sam says yes to Lucifer, and from there, things get worse. Futurefic.

Edited at 2010-02-08 06:50 am (UTC)

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